Low Histamine- HIT Wines

Histamine intolerance (HIT) affects around one per cent of the population, almost all of them middle-aged. 

Histamine is present bacterially fermented & flavoursome things like wine, aged cheeses, breads, smoked fish & bacon. The histamine levels increase with age and red wine has 20-200% more histamine present than white wines & rosé.

We all have an enzyme in our body called DAO, which is needed to metabolise histamines consumed. If you don't have enough DAO and consume elevated histamine food & drink symptoms can include stomach & headache complaints, rashes, puffiness & sleep problems.

HIT is not yet widely recognised in the UK unlike Europe & USA. If you have symptoms, getting a diagnosis from a GP is tricky. Best to try to reduce intake of listed foods and restrict wine intake to our low-histamine German wines.